Looking stylish on the road – best clothing for cyclists

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Back to our story. This time, we are going all the way to Denmark. Oliver, who is 26 years young Aarhus University’s student wanted to share his story. We all have heard that people in Denmark tend to use bicycles. And a lot! Moreover, you will find spinning classes in every gym. After buying a decent pair of cycling clothes, Oliver wanted to reach out to all cycling enthusiasts. Let’s hear!


Thanks to nowadays competition and constant evolvement in every single sector, we, customers, can choose whatever we want from different manufacturers. It doesn’t matter if it is clothing, household products or electronics – you get thousands of different options and flavors. Luckily now, the same goes with cycling.

Unfortunately, people start to forget the classic cycling. Casual slim T-shirt style jerseys are indeed rare among new cyclists. Moreover, we can say that the old-school fit of jerseys is becoming extinct like Tasmanian tiger. The inseam length on bibs has gone up and down like an elevator in an office tower.

With the help of Products and Thoughts organisation, let’s take a closer look at two different brands – one brand is an Australian company and the other one is an Italian company. These two slim T-shirt style jerseys will be perfect for spring and summer rides.

Australian company “FYF”



“FYF”, which stands for “Find Your Freedom” has a pretty good clothing line and I don’t get it why it has zero presence in Denmark and in the U.S. Hopefully, after this article, that will change. And there are many reasons why.


By looking at this kit, you don’t have to guess twice the name of its design. It is called Flamingo Camouflage. Its thick material and multi-density chamois will keep you comfortable for more than 10 hours. Only negative thing about this kit is that the leg bands are without grippers. These leg bands are barely enough to keep the bibs in place.

Another cool thing about this Flamingo Camouflage kit from FYF is that it is full zip jersey and made from a super-duper light material. You can feel how its high-quality material adapts your shape, lets it breathe and keeps your body warm. Depending on what kind of training I want to do, usually, I wear a small jersey and medium bibs. For bibs, I can recommend (and my so far favorites are) Assos and Castelli. A little bit expensive, but you will get what you pay for.

My final verdict on Flamingo Camouflage kit from FYF

This “Find Your Freedom” (FYF) kit is super light and perfect for summer or spring. And the feeling when you pull it out when the mercury climbs is priceless. If you want to know the prices – both, jersey and bibs each is for $170 Australian dollars. But the good thing is – a couple of days ago I saw a discount on their official website, and now each item costs around $130 Australian dollars.

The jersey is available in 5 different sizes, starting from XS and up to XL. And the bibs are available in 4 different sizes, starting from S up to XL. Last but not least, FYF has hundreds of different designs and if you don’t like as loud as this “Flamingo Camouflage” design, I am sure that you will find something that fits you.


Italian company “MSTINA”





MSTINA is a well-known brand around professional cyclists. Established in 1986, by the French champion Marcel Tinazzi, MSTINA is trying to sneak into the U.S. market. And they should because the quality and the designs of their clothing – are out of this world.

If you buy a cheap jersey, immediately you can feel the difference – it starts to shrink and if you are an upper-bodied cyclist, you end up with a loose jersey and scratches around your armpits. But with MSTINA it’s a whole new game. In this particular case, you can see me wearing its Triangolo design kit. And the main reason why this kit dragged my attention – you can choose from 3 different fits. Besides the traditional club cut, you can choose pro-style aero cut as well. And it’s super comfortable!

My final verdict on Triangolo kit from MSTINA

MSTINA’s full zip jersey is a must have kit. Yes, it’s a little bit pricey, but if you want to get a comfort and a long-lasting pair of clothing, this is the way to go. If you are wondering about the price – MSTINA kit is a lot more expensive than Australian FYF. Luckily, these kits come in seven different sizes, starting from XXS up to XXL. You can purchase this particular Triangolo design kit for $350.


In the end, I want to say huge thanks to Products and Thoughts organisation for letting me share this story with you. Hopefully, some of you found this useful! Was my pleasure.