Thoughts on baggie shorts – should cyclists wear them?

Dear Products and Thoughts readers, as our last article “Looking stylish on the road“, brought us a lot of new online shopping enthusiasts. So, we decided to investigate more in this field. We’ve been wondering for a long time – why most of the mountain bikers are wearing baggie shorts but cyclists aren’t? Of course, there are performance advantages of that and if you are competing or doing it on a professional level, slim-fit clothing will be the best one. But let’s slow down for a moment. You are amateur or intermediate when it comes to cycling.

Why wouldn’t you try for your early or late night rides, comfortable and high-quality baggie shorts? And that’s what we did – we asked our mother Google for some more information. And look what we found!

The truth

It turns out, that there are no reasons why cyclists shouldn’t use baggies instead of Lycra. If you are using knee pads, baggies will be a lot better option than Lycra. Why? Baggies will let you feel more comfortable while having knee pads. Or let’s imagine another scenario – you are riding your bike and the track stretches into heavy brushes. You don’t have to be smart to imagine how easily you could damage your Lycra gear. But, if you are wearing baggies – it will be less likely that you will damage them by scrubs or branches.

And if you keep reading and researching, you will find out that mountain bikers choose baggies instead of Lycra simply because they are more comfortable. And there is no technical advantage of that.

From talks to real actions

So let’s not just talk – let’s investigate. In this case, we are taking a closer look to Elevenpine – Colorado based company. Why them? Well, their interesting design and indeed friendly prices dragged our attention. Moreover, they turned our mentioned baggie shorts into snug-fitting ones. And with an awesome design. How this company came up with their product? There is a short but cool enough story behind it.

How it started

Company’s founder, Jeff Curran, started with playing ice-hockey. And even from here, we understood the reason how they came up with the design for their shorts. Now imagine gear that ice-hockey players are wearing.

Later, after a few years, Jeff tried biking. And since that day, he fell in love with that. Of course, changing ice-hockey gear to thin and fit cycling gear wasn’t an easy task. Moreover, Curran enjoyed road riding and hill riding, but there was one thing that made him confused – cycling fashion. And it makes sense – why someone would prefer slim clothing?

You are enjoying your ride and you want to grab a coffee with your friend – baggy shorts would be fine, but imagine, walking into coffee shop dressed up like you are riding Tour de France?


If some of you are wondering about the prices – already mentioned Elevenpine baggies are available in two different models, as well as in prices. The first model “The Uprising” costs $95. It’s available only in black and it will be perfect for road rides and mountain biking. The second model “The Crankitup” (what a cool name for baggies, right?) costs a bit more – $115. It’s available in gray and comes with black trim. Both of these models feature a zipper along the sides.

The first model “The Uprising” is made from lighter material, so if you live in a warm climate or like to bike on warmer days – this is your choice. The second model “The Crankitup” is made from thicker material and will be perfect when the temperature outside is under 75F. After trying both of these models, we can say that both of them stayed out of the way when more intense riding was required.

If you like shopping on Amazon, we found only one product from Elevenpine that is available there. And it’s their¬†Crankitup dual-fit cycling shorts.¬†But, if you want to find out more what they have, we suggest you visit their website: for more.

Our final verdict

Baggie shorts are must have clothing not only for mountain bikers but for cyclists as well. We can say that all about this product is calculated – the performance, the material, the design, and comfort while cycling. So the final verdict will be – pretty decent baggie shorts for a reasonable price. Give them a try.