Thoughts on cycling gloves for winter 2017


Winter is just around the corner. And if you are truly into cycling, either you already have found a decent pair of cycling gloves or you are currently looking for ones. You should know that cycling gloves for winter are one of the most difficult items to find and to buy. Why? A lot of people think that they are not important and judge them on the extreme instead of the norm.

Cycling gloves for winter are made not only to keep your palms and fingers warm but also to improve your performance while cycling. Grip and many other components come with appropriate winter cycling gloves. What should you keep in mind while buying ones for yourself? Let’s go through step by step.

Coldest months for cycling

Of course, if you live in Spain or any other northern country, cold weather for you is not a problem. But, if you live in a place like England or any other southern country – you should be prepared. Usually, November, December, January and February are the coldest months.

During daytime, it might be okay, but when the night comes – it rapidly drops below zero. For mountain bikers or cyclists who like to do sprints up in the hills – as you are gaining altitude, the temperature usually drops by 1 degree after Celsius by every two hundred meters.

Resisting to the cold

Before we continue with pretty decent offers, we must break down some science. So first of all, what actually effects on how warm your body is? The answer is – it depends on how much fat you are carrying around and how fast is your heart rate, and that affects the volume of the blood pumped around your body.

So it’s obvious, that while you are cycling, the blood will be pumping a lot faster around your body, which in the end, will heat up your entire body.

What happens with your excess body heat? Well, it escapes, if we can say so, in form of moisture from your feet, hands, head and torso as well. But now, let’s talk about the weather conditions and how they affect your body heat.

Wind, Rain and your body temperature

Two biggest enemies for cyclists are wind and rain. If we talk about rain, it usually makes your ride miserable and there is no joy of doing those extra five or ten kilometres, depending on how you are feeling. On the other hand, the wind, if it goes opposite of your cycling direction, will test your cardio and your leg strength. If the wind goes the same direction as you are cycling – get comfortable and get ready for long, long ride, he. But, if we mentioned our body parts – the wind will cause rapid temperature changes to your hands and your face.

Before buying cycling gloves for winter

We will ask you simple questions. By answering them, you will find out what type of gloves will be best for you and in that way, you will save not only your time but in this case – money as well. Also, take into consideration the style of your cycling.

First question – are you a serious road cyclist? Are you a commuter? Or you rather prefer mountain biking?

Second question – what time of the day you usually do your training/cycling?

For instance, commuters usually will cycle steady, without hurrying and going too intense. But, at the same time, cycling early in the morning and being late – we all know how that can turn out. Also, commuters ride in the evenings, when the temperature is perfect – not too cold and not too hot.

On the other hand, serious cyclists most likely will ride long distances while it’s warm, during daytime hours. This helps them to increase their body heat more rapidly. If we talk about mountain bikers – sweating and building up body heat by every minute. Regular riders will enjoy their ride without hurrying. And even after a couple of miles – not even a drop of sweat.

The perfect gloves

The most important thing – perfect cycling gloves must be sports gloves. A lot of people want to save money and they buy a cheaper version of “sports gloves”. Well, wrong freaking choice. Also, cycling gloves should have enough space so your fingers can move – using brakes, switching gears and so on. Of course, you should feel comfortable while wearing them. If you feel any discomfort after the first miles – you should change them.

A windproof material is a must-have thing. Why? It will protect your knuckles from a cold wind. Make sure your glove is not too sweaty or warm – there must be at least some kind of ventilation built in your gloves.

And the second most important thingkeep your receipt. If the gloves fit you or don’t, you will find only in practice. So do a few test rides and let the salesman know, that you are buying the product only with one condition – if something is not right while you will cycle, you will turn the product back.

The end word

As you can see, there are a lot of aspects to take into consideration, when buying cycling gloves for the winter. Take your time, investigate and most importantly – don’t save money on these things.

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