Thoughts on iPhone X

iPhone X is sensational, but it comes at a huge cost. Also, the waiting time will be a pain in the ass. We are happy, that Products and Thoughts organization got its hands on the newest and most waited product from Apple – the New iPhone X.

We will be honest – the iPhone X is a super exciting device. Why is it exciting? Apple tried hard to put iPhone X together. Moreover, trying to put together key trends and customer needs in the industry, it had to be good. Especially, after all of these talks and rumours, how the iPhone X will look like.

This time, Apple went even further and now you can buy the new Apple product for the astronomic-high price. Starting from fast charging, which is the newest implementation of iPhone, as well as face-ID and many other features, let’s jump into this article and see, why the price for new iPhone X might not be that feel that high, after reading this.

iPhone X release date and how much it costs?

Apple enthusiasts have talked and discussed a lot about the issue, that the new iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone model so far. If you want to get it in your hands, be ready to say goodbye from $1000.

But why iPhone X price is so high? Well, the cost of creating the new 360-screen and implementing 3D recognition, Apple had to ramp up the price.

The release date for the iPhone X has been set – it will be 3rd of November. Moreover, pre-orders are going live starting from October 27th. If you live in a small country, then be prepared to wait for a bit longer, because the most populated territories will be the first ones, where the new iPhone X will be available. The UK, United States of America and Australia will receive the first wave of iPhone’s X.

iPhone X features a new all-screen

You can be sure – when you pull out this beast, for everyone around you, it will be a totally new world for them. iPhone X 5.8-inch screen and the new operating system delivers new experiences and feelings, even for the biggest Apple enthusiasts.

After sitting down with the two Apple models – iPhone 7 and iPhone X, Products and Thoughts organization can say that the iPhone X is a completely different phone. Similar with the Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone X has a wider and fuller screen than before. And now, gaming and video watching are a lot more exciting. The new screen is deep, rich and smooth, and draws level with Samsung in the quality stakes easily.

By implementing new all-screen, Apple has said goodbye to the home button. And this is going to be one of the biggest surprises for all Apple fans. Looks like Apple has understood, that by small changes in their product line, the biggest piece of cake cannot be taken. 

Thankfully, the resolution of the screen has been upgraded. Now, with an impressive 2436×1125 resolution and Super Retina HD display, be ready to spend hours while sitting on the toilet. Now, Youtube videos and Apple store games will be a lot more fun to play.

The move to the OLED display in the iPhone X has definitely added value. Now, when the blacks are deeper and the colours richer – the effect is just brilliant. Products and Thoughts organization was amazed when we got hands on this iPhone X.

To sum up, about the new all-screen – technology is great, and really brings about a special-looking iPhone, rather than Apple rehashing the same tired design again.

Improved design

We won’t be afraid to say that the new iPhone X is the best-looking Apple product ever made. The jump from iPhone 4 and the iPhone’s 6 curved lines is amazing. But there is one important thing that people should know – Apple implemented laser-focused thinking on its newest model.

The rear is now covered with glass and no more ceramic metal like all the previous models had. A lot of people are worrying that the glass rear won’t feel that handy. Well, you don’t have to worry about that – it feels solid and secure. Now, the edges aren’t sharp anymore, but instead, they fold into the palm that’s convenient to hold.

Another aspect what Products and Thoughts organization was thinking – is it easy to access all the display and get your fingers across the display? As we said before, iPhone X sits in the hand just perfectly and allows you to interact with all functions without struggling. The only disadvantage was reaching the top-right corner.

iPhone X Face ID

Forget about Touch ID and welcome Face ID. Opening your iPhone just by looking at it sounds amazing and something out of this world, right? Everyone remembers, how complicated it was taking in loads of different face angles, much like when you have to position your finger around the sensor to set up Touch ID. Apple is predictably claiming that Face ID one of the most secure forms of this technology out there. Now, the iPhone X will only turn on when you will be looking at its screen.

New iOs

When there is more screen to play with, of course, there should be some changes within the operating system. The new iOS 11 got a lot of changes and features. First, Apple sticks to the basics and the main display looks the same. The new implementation is, that the bottom where the home button used to be, has been repurposed.

The Control Center is now at the top right, and that needs a little more dexterity to hit – you’ll have to use two hands for that generally.

Wireless charging

No matter if you are using Apple, Samsung or HTC – longer battery life is something that everyone is hoping. It doesn’t matter if you are a power user and charging your phone 2 or 3 time per day is a normal thing. Or you are a lighter user and the phone is charged when the day is over. Apple has taken into consideration both user groups.

iPhone X can be charged with wireless, which is nothing new into the phone market. And we believe that this will be a crucial feature in the future, especially for the cell phones. Now, when there are power banks out there, some people find it complicated to walk around with all those wires.

Final Verdict

If we talk about the quality and iPhone X display – it’s out of this world. We thought that or now, nobody can beat Samsung’s S8 design and full screen, as well as quality. Well, we got an answer – the new iPhone X can.

The only thing about what we are concerned is the Face ID. Although it sounds cool, how reliable this recognition be?

We still don’t know a lot of things. But there’s no doubt that the new iPhone X is the futuristic iPhone that everyone has been waiting for. Just be ready to spend your monthly wage on this baby.

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