Thoughts on Power BI – your assistant in small business

We, Products and Thoughts, are here to help people around the world find the best products online. Nowadays, when we can choose from 1,000,000 different products who comes in different shapes, colours and etc. , it is important to find the best one, the most affordable and qualitative one.

So far, we are happy to provide our community members with different products for testing, like Air Purifiers, Testosterone boosters, Power banks and etc. But we don’t stop here. We want to make sure not only about physical goods but intangible goods as well.

A few weeks ago, Steve from the United States contacted us. He was running a medium size company and looking for a programme, a tool which would help him with following money flows inside the company, accounting information, bills and etc. Luckily, in a short period of time, Products and Thoughts organisation contacted Latvian startup Data Bear. 

Within a few days, we got a positive feedback and our reader Steve was happy to receive their “Power BI” program. And if you are running a small or medium-size business, keep reading and you may fell in love with this tool as well.

Adapting to 21st century

My name is Steve. I run a medium size construction company. Since the day one, I was the person who was responsible for money flows, meetings with our suppliers and other partners. Nowadays, when competition is much bigger and harder, being flexible is the key. Adapting. I will not give you a long introduction but continue to read my story. It’s worth…

With company’s growth, also paperwork came in. Papers. Papers everywhere!!! My office became my second home. But I knew that if I want to succeed if my company wants to succeed, hard work is necessary. After the first two years, things was getting better and we won more and more competitions for construction works.

At one point I understood that this paperwork and walking around with heavy briefcase must end. I thought that at one point my head will explode or I will skip some data, numbers and mess something up. I knew that our company, to be competitive and more flexible, must adapt to the 21st century. So I started to do a research on the internet….

I’ve been following Products and Thoughts website for a while. I didn’t believe that they could help me with finding an app or tool which would solve my problem. Well, I was totally wrong.

I have never been smart in technologies, so I was kind’a confused if I will be able to manage this beast “Power BI” what Products and Thoughts organisation send to me. Well, I took the chance (you have to – Columbus did) and I have to say that from this point, everything in my business and personal life went up and up. Basically, “Power BI” covers everything from accounts, products, balances, stores and all other money flows are run through this amazing tool.

The tool

First of all, I have to say thanks to both – Products and Thoughts organisation and Data Bear. You can find “Power BI” tool on their website – First, doing slowly, because I didn’t

At the beginning, I was doing everything very slowly, because I didn’t want to make any mistakes. And guess what – there was nothing to learn. Don’t get me wrong – there was nothing to learn because “Power BI” is so simple and so easy to use.

In “Power BI” dashboard you can see all graphs, data and statistics related to your company. Of course, still in my office, I had a lot of papers incoming, but now, because of this tool, I could work from home, car (if you are not driving of course) or even a party, if it was so urgent. The best thing what I like about “Power BI” is that it helps you to visualise and analyse data with greater speed, more efficiency and understanding.

I still remember how time to time, when we were sending excel files to different clients or workers, we had a problem – they couldn’t open the folder, some text or graphs were missing and so on. Also, by sending them via email, I was afraid (you may think I am an old guy who understands nothing, but believe me – in nowadays competition, people do these things) that other companies could somehow get our data and use them, analyse them against us.

Last and not least, sometimes work and applications for different competitions were taking so long, that the data sent to the company was already old or not relevant. But now, with “Power BI” I could forget about all these problems…

How it saved my life

Our local municipality was making competition for construction works for renovating one of our schools. We send them our proposal, how much would cost one thing, how much would cost another thing. I was on my way to home when I heard my phone is ringing. It was one of our partners who was providing our company with different materials. And he says “I saw that you are trying to get an order from our local municipality. Well, as we both have good relationships throughout the years, instead of $10 per material, if you will take more, I can give you $6,55 per material.”

After one second, I said yes and pulled my car next to the road. I opened “Power BI” on my iPad and replaced the old data with the new one. You don’t have to be a super smart human to understand – less cost per material reduces costs. Reduced cost give you bigger benefit among your competitors. Long story short – our company won this competition, renovated that school and now, because of the flexibility and efficiency, for the last year, we are winning more and more competitions in our region.

What I wanted to tell you with this story – nowadays, if you want to succeed, as I told you before – you must be flexible. If I wouldn’t use “Power BI”, I think I would just say to the guy who was calling “Well, I understand, but we already applied for the competition and I am already on my way to home and I left all my paperwork in my office. But thanks for calling!”

After this happened, (and I didn’t know that it is even possible) I set up alerts on my mobile when some data changed. In this way, I am more in control of what happens inside of my company and if something bad or urgent happens, I can monitor data in real time.

Adding to this – time to time when I got some business things to do and I am flying, it is like a ritual to go on “Power BI” and check what’s happening with the data. It makes me calm and makes me feel more relaxed if I knew that if something indeed bad happens, my mobile will send me alert and I will be able to monitor this data from my home, in real time.


I am not commanding you to try or use this tool – I am just sharing with Products and Thoughts community my experience and how this tool helped me with my work. As mentioned before, not only time and my nerves, but also money and my family life were saved by this amazing tool.

Being able to work from home and seeing my children made me indeed happy. And as I believe, to be the best, you have to follow the best. Don’t live in a cave or in an office full of paperwork. In order to be successful, you must to adapt to the 21st century and use more benefits what technologies nowadays can provide for us.

Don’t live in a cave, live life. 
– Steve