Thoughts on RAVpower Lust portable charger

Looks nice. Feels nice.

Just because it looks like a lipstick and is in its size – don’t get turned off guys. When I first saw this RAVpower Lust portable charger, I asked to myself “lipstick size? Are you kidding me?” I thought this product was made for girls, but it is not. And why I got excited about this product and why I was willing to take my time and share my experience, keep reading and you will find it out…


Breaking it down in one sentence – this is an extremely portable power bank for on the go everyday usage. It will charge fully your iPhone and most of the other devices what you have. On the first day when I bought RAVpower portable charger, I wanted to do a little test. I started to charge my iPhone 6 when the battery on phone was 60%. As I wasn’t staring at the phone all the time and when it will be fully recharged, when I took a look one hour later – it was 100% charged. When you press the little power button on the side, it shows how full the power bank is. I like its simplicity – battery indicators turns red when you charge Luster. When it is fully charged, it turns blue and then you can know that your power bank is good to go and ready to work.

When you press the little power button on the side, it shows how full the power bank is. I like its simplicity – battery indicators turns red when you charge RAVpower Lust portable charger. When it is fully charged, it turns blue and then you can know that your power bank is good to go and ready to work.


Breaking it down in one sentence – looks and feels nice. Cylindrical design isn’t something new, but you will agree with me – it sure is pretty. It has a 0,9-inch diameter and it is 4.3 inches long. Moreover, its featherweight (2.55 ounces) will help you to forget that you are carrying it in your pocket, backpack or purse. It is made of aluminium. Luster portable charger is available in standard colours – black, blue, pink and silver.


Breaking it down in one sentence – RAVpower Lust portable charger is more than a power bank. With purchasing this power bank you will get a micro USB cable and a metal clip that snaps onto the Luster power bank, so you can clip it to a pocket or your backpack. Well, let’s be straight – I don’t trust this clip and never have used it. I think this “extra item” is pointless and unnecessary.

On the one side, there is a glass covered LED flashlight that has 3 different modes – two brightness levels and a strobe light mode. I would say that this flashlight is extra-extra bright, but will not last more than a day if you use it a lot throughout the day. One thing what I noticed – after a longer period of using, RAVpower portable charger gets warm.

On the other side, this reliable and qualitative portable charger got micro USB input for charging the power bank and USB output for charging your devices. Luster power bank is a decent product in its price range and its price reflects its abilities.


Since the two ports (input/output) are close next to each other, the bulk of USB can stand in the way. A few friends who got also Luster power bank says that its red and blue light indicators “are a poor excuse for a battery indicator.” Well, I disagree and I like it simply because just by looking you can tell “Red – nope, not ready yet” and “Blue – yep, it is good to go”.

Only concerns what I got about this RAVpower portable charger – it gets very warm. Although it charges my iPhone within a few hours (from zero to maximum), I believe this warm is caused by some kind of inefficient battery usage.

From talks to measures

A lot of times you are not going to be in a position to carry with you a big charger. I believe that 3350mAh power bank is a middle-way. I like its fast and reliable charging of the internal battery, but even it is equipped with great features, Luster portable charger producers should develop and upgrade this model mainly because of the underpowered and inefficient battery.

Power: 3,5/5 

I remember myself looking at the different colour options of this Luster power bank. All of them looked indeed great and stylish. Plastic on both ends, its design helps to avoid scratches on the power bank and also – from rolling off from a flat surface, what gives a big advantage to this product.

Design: 5/5

Quality over quantity. Looks like RAVPower manufacturers tried and worked really hard to put this portable power bank together. Unluckily – even if it has a flashlight, smart charging and other options – then they should work on all 100%, not less. The power button is small and sometimes it is hard to push it when the power is plugged in.

Build: 4/5

And considering all above-mentioned things about Luster portable power bank, I didn’t know how to evaluate its reliability. I mean – yes, it is reliable, but these small, unfinished things make you wonder. I don’t believe that after purchasing and using it for one or two months, it will stop working or will work super inefficiently. Totally not. But keeping in mind that you can get it for a cheap price – I like to call this power bank “…just in case” power bank. And all characteristics and features fit in this “…just in case” category.

Reliability: 4/5

Final Verdict

I have this product as a “…just in case” power bank. With that being said – I keep it in my car at all times. You never know when you will get a flat tire or the engine goes down. Moreover, if you are on a highway or a busy street at night – this portable charger may save your day. Its flashlight will help you to look under the front hood, change your tyre or other necessary and broken things. But most important – you will be able to charge your phone and call for help. And as I was in a situation like this – believe me, then you will not think about inefficient charging or that the power bank is getting warm and so on.

Actually, if you take a closer look, you can see that RAVpower is producing indeed great and affordable products. You can visit their official website and find out what other great products are available.

If you want, you can find out more information about this RAVpower Lust portable charger and purchase it from their official dealer.