Thoughts on Top11 Best Xbox One Coolers 2017

Thanks to a huge interest,¬†Products&Thoughts¬†organisation is here with another article. We didn’t expect that our gaming community is so big. Our first article “Thoughts on Top 5 Best Xbox One Coolers 2017got 10,000 views in just 5 days! So, without further introduction, let’s get down to the business.

#6 FastSnail Xbox One S Vertical Stand Cooling Fan


FastSnail designed cooler got 18 slots to store your Xbox discs, USB and HUB ports. You can find various tests on this baby. It stands perfectly and without shaking. Many other coolers will not offer you cooler + stand for your games. At first, it may sound like nothing special, but having your controllers and games at one place allows you to maximise your gamespace and maintain organised and clean space.

The only bad side of this FastSnail Xbox cooler is that you have to turn it on by yourself. It would be indeed great improvement if the cooler would automatically detect when the Xbox one temperature is increasing.

FastSnail Xbox One S Vertical Stand Cooling Fan


#7 New Replacement Internal Cooling Fan


This is a little bit advanced toy for Xbox users. Not like other coolers, the new replacement internal cooling fan must be installed on your Xbox. You can find “How to” guide here.¬†

Steps are pretty easy and everyone should understand how to do it. These installed Xbox coolers are much more powerful and efficient than the regular ones. If you are afraid of installing it by yourself, it is recommended to ask professionals for a hand. Besides that, great and affordable cooler for your Xbox One.

New Replacement Internal Cooling Fan


#8 MoKo Xbox One Cooling Fan


Looks cool, works perfect and is convenient – that could be a slogan for this MoKo Xbox One cooling fan. The cool thing about this product is that it has a dust cover. The fan is accelerating air circulation and it has two USB ports. Whether it’s your gaming consoles, mobile phone or hard drive – they will be charged efficiently and without overheating.

MoKo Xbox One Cooling Fan


#9 Gam3Gear Auto-Sensing External Cooling Fan


Simpler but still great cooler for Xbox One consoles. Gam3Gear external cooling fans high-speed will start running within a minute and you will not even notice that it is working. Efficient heat dissipation and quiet sound make this cooler a must have thing for real Xbox gamers. Gam3Gear cooling fan is a great alternative for youngsters, who got a limited budget. It’s cheap, but still, will do its job perfectly and let you enjoy hours of gaming.

Gam3Gear Auto-Sensing External Cooling Fan


#10 XFUNY(TM) Professional Cooling Fan


XFUNY(TM) Professional Cooling Fan is using an intercooler, which is the best way how to protect your Xbox one against poorly ventilated gaming setups. Basically, what it does, is pulling hot air out from your Xbox, in that way maintaining and keeping your console cool. It has a great feature – built-in temperature sensing technology.

XFUNY(TM) cooling fan is a great thing for gamers, who are too lazy to go and turn on their coolers while being in a middle of a game. It uses only one USB port, in that way allowing you to charge your consoles and access to other ports on the console.

XFUNY(TM) Professional Cooling Fan


#11 White Xbox One S Fan


Convenient setup for a reasonable price. It will not only keep your Xbox cool but also allow you to charge controllers, while you are in a middle of a game. Xbox One users will agree, that sometimes it is complicated and annoying to charge devices with the Xbox while trying to finish the game. It is easy to setup white xbox one s fan cooler and with your white XbOneone, it will look just perfectly.

White Xbox One S Fan



There are a lot of options out there. Coolers with a storage for your games, up to installed coolers. Check what other people are saying and look up for different reviews. Depending on your budget, you can find really good deals on Xbox one coolers. And if you found nothing in this list, clear reminder that you can take a look at other convenient Xbox one coolers. 

Enjoy your gaming!