Thoughts on Top Purchased Items on Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017 is finally over. Without long introductions and talks, let’s investigate and see what are the top purchased items and products on Black Friday 2017! Some of them are still with a pretty good discount, so don’t waste your time and if you wanted to buy the product – this is the perfect time to do it.

Amazon Echo – 2nd generation model

BEFORE: $150.00
NOW: $70.00

Amazon Echo is known for almost everyone. But Echo’s 2nd generation model’s name is not that familiar. It has a shiny and stylish new design and an improved sound and material quality. Definitely a good present for your kid or yourself. And while Black Friday 2017 is still around, you may not let this offer away. According to statistics, Amazon Echo was one of the most purchased products during Black Friday.

Amazon Echo 2nd generation model  


Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

BEFORE: $200.00
NOW: $100.00

Excellent high-quality screen and audio system at an affordable price. Fire HD 10 tablet has full HD resolution and high-quality sound system. What’s also good – by purchasing this product, you get access to a huge library of different content from Amazon. And during Black Friday 2017, parents showed huge demand for this tablet, as buying for their kids or grandparents.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet


Amazon Fire TV

BEFORE: $85.00
NOW: $61.00

Now, Amazon’s 2017 full 4K TV allows you to experience TV watching on a completely different level. Easy to remote and affordable, Amazon’s Fire TV has been a top target for many Black Friday participants. Although old-school TV watching and commercial after the commercial experience is over, if you still enjoy these good old days, you may reset your TV provider and choose something more suitable for the 21st century.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Tabled Kids edition

BEFORE: $120.00
NOW: $65.00

Expandable storage with cartoons and TV shows for your kids. Two-year warranty and wait for the best – if your kid breaks it, Amazon will fix tablet for free or give you a new one. How about that?! Although social media and cell phones are taking us over and many parents try to hide these things from their kids, it’s better to have a reliable and trustworthy product, like Fire 7 Tablet Kids edition.

You can see the whole history from what your child has watched. And checking statistics from Black Friday 2017, a lot of parents took into consideration the reliability and safety what this product offers.

Amazon Fire 7 Table Kids Edition

Kindle Voyage E-reader

BEFORE: $200.00
NOW: $115.00

Built-in lighting and 6-inch screen make Kindle Voyage E-reader a perfect product for library geeks. If older versions had limited capacity and display, after a longer period of time, was damaging your eyes, then now, this isn’t a problem anymore. More and more people tend to choose Kindle as a reading source instead of books. So if you want to keep up your reading game, Kindle Voyage is a perfect solution.

Kindle Voyage E-reader

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